“It was amazing working with Joy. She was very helpful and understanding. Her coaching really put a lot into perspective for me. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a life coach.” – Client, 15, Florida

“Working with Joy was absolutely life changing for me. I have seen such immense growth in myself over the past year, and I credit so much of it to her! Attending life coaching sessions really helped me center my goals for self-improvement, and Joy was able to help me identify barriers to those goals and solutions before I had even considered them. She is absolutely wonderful, and put a smile on my face even on the hardest of days. Not only did she teach me resilience and strength, but she gave me hope that there was room for me to be better, and then equipped me with the tools to get myself there. I am so grateful to her, and I highly recommend life coaching with Joy to anyone!” – Client, 16, New Jersey

“This is an amazing opportunity to really help you grow. I was surprised by how well and quickly I was able to reach my goals. I’d love to sign up for more sessions!” – Client, 16, Virginia

“My parents had me in therapy since middle school. I needed a place to go to talk, but never felt like anything really changed for the better in my life. I wanted to try something different, so we looked into coaching and found Joy, and within the first session I felt like she understood me. She helped me identify a few areas of my life I wanted to improve, and within weeks I was feeling better about myself and really motivated to work toward those goals. Joy challenged the way I saw myself, and helped me discover what was holding me back and why. I gained a new level of self awareness that I had never had before, and so many things make sense to me now. My relationships have improved, and I feel so much more confident in who I am and what I’m doing. I’m so grateful for Joy’s coaching. This is an experience all girls should have!” – Client, 17, New York

“Joy really helped me build myself up after being bullied in school and on social media. I was feeling bad about myself, but she helped me see things differently and taught me strategies to handle anything that comes my way. I can honestly say that I love myself now and I’m no longer afraid of what might happen at school. And I feel like I can be myself online without worrying about what other people think. Thank you Joy for your compassion, wisdom and guidance.” – Client, 15, California

“My coaching experience with Joy was so positive! I was struggling with my self-identity and direction in life, all while handling tough college courses. I felt so overwhelmed and lost. Joy helped me calm down and get focused on what really mattered. I am thriving in life and school now! I highly recommend coaching with Joy!” – Client, 20, North Carolina

“Not gonna lie, I didn’t know what life coaching was and wasn’t really into the idea but my mom thought it could help with my grades. Turns out, it helped with a lot more than just my school work. I learned I had really negative thought patterns in my head and was “ruminating” (thanks Joy for the vocab word lol) and was actually feeling depressed. She put me through a whole discovery process and worked with me on my mindset. I started looking forward to our sessions each week, and by the end of our time together I was feeling much better and more hopeful. Oh and my grades improved too, so thanks Joy for that ;)” – Client, 16, Oregon

“My experience working with Joy has been so life-giving and helpful!  She is a terrific and supportive coach and helped me work through so many topics.  I feel that through my time with her, I have really grown so much more into an empowered woman, with confidence and belief in my capability for the life I want for myself.  Joy has been a wise, loving sort of mother figure for me, through her listening, caring, and coaching direction, and I’m so grateful.  The presence she brings to her coaching is very soothing, thoughtful, and empowering.  I always left our coaching calls feeling nourished, seen, and encouraged.  Furthermore, she modeled for me what it looks like to REALLY celebrate myself, my growth, and every single victory; she was always clapping for me and cheering me on, every time I saw her!  I highly recommend working with Joy — she will help guide you back to yourself and show you how to do the work and answer the questions that need answering to know what you really need and want to do in life and in growth!” – Client, 21, California

“Joy taught me the power of authenticity and being myself. I had become a people pleaser and hadn’t realized how much it had destroyed my self-esteem and mental health. Living for others to like me and approve of me was a hard pattern to break, but Joy helped me explore why I was living that way, and helped me with strategies to change my way of thinking. She really listened and helped me develop more self-awareness, and now I put myself and my mental health first in everything I do. I’m so much happier and confident now, and my relationships are much healthier. She’s a sweetheart too, and we actually had a lot of laughs and such great conversations. If you’re thinking about life coaching, definitely work with Joy, you’ll be so glad you did.” – Client, 22, California

“My experience with Joy’s life coaching was very beneficial. She helped me realize some things, helped me work through some mental barriers, and helped me achieve my goals. I’d recommend her coaching to others.” – Client, 14, Tennessee

“Highly recommend. Wonderful experience. As a parent, I learned through this process as well. Our family would still be struggling if we hadn’t committed to this journey. Thank you Joy for your sage coaching.” – Parent of 18-year-old client, New Jersey

“Joy’s coaching was a great alternative to therapy for us. Our daughter’s confidence shot up, anxiety was reduced, and her overall mood and well-being improved. She moved on from toxic friends and spends less time on social media. This has been a great experience from start to finish. Definitely worth the time and investment. Highly recommend to others.” Parent of 13-year-old client, California

“I finally have an adult in my life who understands me. I LOVE our weekly talks.” – Client, 15, West Virginia

“Joy asked me what kinds of books I like to read and I said Harry Potter. She said she liked Harry Potter too. When we would have our talks, she would bring up examples from the books to help me understand what she was saying. It was helpful and made it fun too. I think about that stuff now in school like when someone is being mean or loud. I also use the breathing exercise she gave me and other stuff too and it helps me feel better.” – Client, 12, Washington