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Empowering Girls to Thrive

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Highly Personalized Life Coaching for Girls & Young Women

Middle School

Everything is changing, all at once - physically, emotionally, socially, academically. Research shows that girls' self-esteem drops in middle school. Coaching will help her navigate it all.

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High School

Girls are under more pressure than ever before with academics, social media, and peers. Anxiety is high, self-esteem is low. Coaching is key to surviving and thriving during these critical years.

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College Years

There’s a lot to figure out as a young adult, and it can be difficult and overwhelming. Coaching will help her overcome the challenges and transition into a strong, independent, self-reliant woman.

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Joy Robinson, Certified Life Coach

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My unique coaching system helps girls with:

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It was amazing working with Joy. She was very helpful and understanding. Her coaching really put a lot into perspective for me. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a life coach.

Desiny, 15, Florida

This is an amazing opportunity to really help you grow. I was surprised by how well and quickly I was able to reach my goals. I’d love to sign up for more sessions!

Anna, 16, Virginia

Working with Joy was absolutely life changing for me. I have seen such immense growth in myself over the past year, and I credit so much of it to her! Attending life coaching sessions really helped me center my goals for self-improvement, and Joy was able to help me identify barriers to those goals and solutions before I had even considered them. She is absolutely wonderful, and put a smile on my face even on the hardest of days. Not only did she teach me resilience and strength, but she gave me hope that there was room for me to be better, and then equipped me with the tools to get myself there. I am so grateful to her, and I highly recommend life coaching with Joy to anyone!

Bella, 16, New Jersey

My experience with Joy's life coaching was very beneficial. She helped me realize things, helped me work through some mental barriers, and helped me achieve my goals. I'd recommend her coaching to others.

Jenna, 14, Tennessee

I love the positive impact Authentic Girl Foundation has made on so many girls' lives.

Sophie, 18, Michigan

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