Coaching vs. Therapy

Q. Do I need coaching or therapy? What are the differences?
A.┬áHere’s an overview of the primary differences in order to help you decide:

Coaches and therapists share a common goal – to enhance well-being and outcomes for those they serve. Some therapists are also coaches. Some coaches are also therapists. Deciding which is the best fit for the client depends on their needs and goals. Keep in mind, the same client may work with a therapist and a coach to address different needs and goals. It doesn’t have to be a question of one or the other. Here’s an overview of the primary differences:

Therapy: The patient is struggling with dysfunction related to psychological issues, concerns, or symptoms that interfere with daily tasks.
Coaching: The client is functional and does fine with daily tasks. The client is considered psychologically normal and copes well enough.

Therapy: The patient needs help coping, alleviating pain, or distress related to trauma, disorders, or illness.
Coaching: The client wants to be better, grow, or set and achieve higher goals.

Therapy: The patient wants to work through the problems and get back to normalcy.
Coaching: The client wants to improve performance, relationships, or life satisfaction.

Therapy: The patient is looking for a mental health professional to help them overcome and live well again.
Coaching: The client is looking for a success partner to help facilitate the next level of growth, advancement, or change.