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Next Steps

After the consultation, if you'd like to move forward with coaching, please visit my store to select your program and check out. A new client welcome email with required forms will arrive within 24 hours. Fill out and return all forms, and schedule your coaching sessions using the calendar link in the email.

Program Fees 

4-Week Coaching Program
Fee: $600

8-Week Coaching Program
Fee: $1200

12-Week Coaching Program
Fee: $1800

Add-on/One-off Session
Fee: $150

Payment Plan:
A payment plan is available for the 8 and 12-Week Coaching Programs. Choose Payment Plan in the store when selecting your program.

In-Person Coaching:
In-person coaching following all Covid-19 health and safety protocols is available in the Santa Monica area by special arrangement. Logistics and fees will be discussed during the consultation.