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Club Membership

So, you've been invited to join an Authentic Girl Club by a Club President in your community! Awesome!

As a Club Member, you'll participate in meetings where you feel safe to be yourself, are treated with kindness, and learn how to live an empowered life!

You will also gain valuable experience in an activity that you can include on college applications and resumes! Sounds great, right?!

To join your Authentic Girl Club, you'll need to know your club number (provided by your Club President), and register for membership. Your membership includes your club meetings for one year, entry to your club's group chat on Instagram hosted by AGF, and one Authentic Girl Journal in your choice of style and color.
Please Note: You must have your club number in order to complete your registration.

Ready to become a Club Member? Click here! (page currently under construction)

Looking for a Club to join? See our list of Clubs here! (page currently under construction)

Have questions about Authentic Girl Clubs and Membership? Check out our FAQs!

Interested in joining an Authentic Girl Club, but don't know of any in your community? Start a Club!