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We coach because we care. Our passion for personal growth and female empowerment runs deep, and nothing makes us happier than supporting you as you step into your power to become who you truly want to be and create the life you genuinely want to live. You deserve to thrive, and our coaching will help get you there.

What is personal development coaching?

Personal Development Coaching (aka Life Coaching) is a process that is thought-provoking, creative, and action-oriented. Our coaching programs help you increase self-awareness and inspire you to maximize your potential and reach your goals. Our work with you begins with an assessment to understand your needs and goals, and from there we tailor the program to you. Our coaching programs are evidence-based, trauma-informed, and include cultural awareness and sensitivity, and social responsibility.

Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. We'll help you achieve goals that matter to you in a way that promotes learning and growth. Goals can be internal, like building confidence or social skills, or external, like making college and career decisions. We'll support you through identifying your interests, values, meaning, purpose, and passions, then setting and pursuing compatible goals. We'll help you identify what you want, why you want it, and how to begin working toward the outcomes you seek.

Our coaching will enhance your goal setting, goal striving, and goal attainment, as well as improve your self-awareness, self-regulation, mental health, resilience, well-being, and feelings of hopefulness.

Why Authentic Girl Coaching?

We believe that in order to be your best self and live a happy and healthy life, you must be true to yourself and live authentically. We help you dig deep and tap into your authenticity while setting, striving, and attaining meaningful goals in order to improve your life and thrive.

Teen girls, young women, and moms come to us from a wide variety of backgrounds with an even wider variety of issues and goals. We listen carefully and tailor our programs specifically to each unique individual's needs, aiming for maximum results in minimal time. Whether you're feeling lost and lacking purpose in life, or you're ready to reach for your next level goals, we're here to help, and our programs work.

Studies show the coaching relationship is the best predictor of coaching outcomes. We'll establish a relationship with you that is built on trust, honesty, and empathy, providing a safe space where we listen actively, evoke awareness, and facilitate your growth. Our coaching will help you think broader, further, and deeper than you would otherwise. This is why a coach can be such a powerful support partner. 

Meet Our Coach:

Joy Robinson
Founder & Certified Coach

For over ten years, Joy has worked closely with teen girls, young women, and moms to help them learn, grow, and thrive. As a certified coach, Joy combines listening and empathy with straight talk and accountability for a dynamic coaching experience that will move you forward into the life you truly want to live.

Joy lives in Los Angeles and works with clients across the globe via Zoom. She is the Founder & Executive Director of Authentic Girl Foundation, our nonprofit arm. Joy is proud mom to daughter Katie, a happy, confident, and accomplished young woman who is currently working on her college degree.

Joy's Coaching Credentials:

Certified Youth Mentor Coach
Certified Youth Leadership Coach
Youth Coaching Institute, LLC

Continuing training and education with Youth Coaching Institute, LLC,
working towards the International Coach Federation's ACC certification.

Member, International Coach Federation

Girl Meets World Teaching Certification
Professional Development Training 
Girls Leadership Institute 

Founder & Executive Director
Sponsorship Program Coach
Authentic Girl Foundation, Inc.

What girls are saying about life coaching with Joy:

“It was amazing working with Joy. She was very helpful and understanding. Her coaching really put a lot into perspective for me. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a life coach.” - Desiny, 15, Florida

“This is an amazing opportunity to really help you grow. I was surprised by how well and quickly I was able to reach my goals. I’d love to sign up for more sessions!” - Anna, 16, Virginia

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